Guarantee: All work will be carried out in a professional and caring manner. All work will meet maufacturer’s specifications and industry standards. Access and Utilities: The owner or Contractor agrees to provide free and easy access to job site to complete all necessary works and will provide adequate water and electrical services as required.


Liability: Reems Concrete Concepts is or any representative thereof shall not at any time be liable for damage to footpaths, crossovers, curbing, water pipes, stormwater drains, electrical services, property etc., but will take care and consideration at all times in respect to the Owner’s or Contractor’s property etc.


Product Defects: Reems Concrete Concepts accepts no responsibility for damage to the finished product resulting in structural damage, edge chipping, surface damage, cracking or discolouration caused by heat and UV exposure, physical abuse, structures attached to pruduct, and general wear and tear. Reems Concrete Concepts is not responsible for damage due to improper care and maintenance, including and not limited to chemical abuse and cleaning with abrasive substances. Matching of Colour and Finish: Reems Concrete Concepts will endeavour to match the samples shown and provide a finish which is as close as possible to that which is shown and agreed upon. But due to the availability of certain materials, the nature of concrete, and the fact that each product is handmade and unique, exact replication is not possible, as this product is all hand made slight crazy cracks, pinholes and colour variations  can occur these crazy cracks and pinholes do not affect the structural integrity of the concrete but add character, our concrete is made by hand and from raw materials and is NOT perfect.


Lead Time: All Reems Concrete Concepts products are hand crafted therefore you should expect a 1-5 week lead time (depending on the complexity and size of the design and finish) after templates have been made.
Payment Terms: A deposit of 50% of total price (or as negotiated) is required before commencement of work. Full payment is required upon completion of work.